How do we define ourselves as working mothers not working in the time of COVID?

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I have been working since I was 16 years old.

How Learning to Paint Helped Me to Recognize Misplaced Emotions

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“You have to paint what you see, not what your brain tells you.” She told us, deep into teaching the online watercolor tutorial.

Finding Divinity in Stories as an Adult

“Mom, what religion are we?” piped up the little voice from the backseat. I had just told him his Monday was free from third grade because of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah. “Are we Jewish? I thought church was on Sundays.”

Helped Me Go Further in Science-Based Talk Therapy

Seeing a therapist is known for its many benefits. Millennials and Gen Z accept it as part of life, even the Gen Xers are getting onboard. I, personally, am one of the time-specific Xennials, born between ‘78-’82, and I’ve been going to some kind of therapy since I was fourteen.

Living the Woo-Woo Life

Perhaps you’ve seen it on social media — more references to astrology and crystals, people of all genders getting in touch with their internal…

I saw a dragonfly funeral today.

I didn’t wake up expecting to see that. I didn’t have any expectations for the day at all, only the same vague sense of unease that has accompanied me since COVID-19 entered the US and we were locked down in March six months ago.

“I am thinking positively!” I shouted into the void.

“Just call him back! He wants to hire your business!” I was arguing with myself about returning the call of a potential client. That made me stop and really think. Why was this something I didn’t want to do?

Inner Child is a term used in the spirituality and mindfulness communities a lot. It has origins with the divine child archetype by Carl Jung and was popularized in the ’70s by Lucia Capacchione. In the 1990s through today, the term and healing as a therapy module have grown in popularity in traditional therapy as well as the alternative wellness circles.

It struck me that you were conceived, gestated, and born in the space immediately before, during, and after 9/11. Someone on social shared that she heard her graduating seniors heartbeat for the first time the day the towers fell. The hope and fear that must have brought, feelings that perhaps you felt growing inside your mothers.

The debris of glass and electronics was a marked contrast amidst the natural landscape of the stone and grass where the ruined phone lay.

Rachel Avery Conley

(she/her) is a dreamer, doer, and accidental writer. Mostly a lover of light, she has recently been finding peace in the shadows.

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